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Passport Applications Without an Eligible Guarantor (Package Deal)
In order to complete a passport application, you must have an eligible Guarantor perform the following three tasks:
  1. complete and sign the "Declaration of Guarantor" section;
  2. write "I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant's name)" on the back of one of the photos and sign; and
  3. if applicable, sign and date a copy of each document to support your identity.
For the criteria of an elibible Guarantor, please click here.
If you do not have an eligible Guarantor, Notary Services Ontario provides a Passport Application Package, which includes:
  • the administering of the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor;
  • the certification of your passport photos; and
  • if applicable, the certification of document(s) supporting your identity. 
The Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor is not included with the basic passport application and must be obtained in person from your local passport office.
Price $50
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passports
If your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged, you will be required to apply for a new passport.  This process requires you to submit:
  1. a completed passport application form signed by your Guarantor;
  2. two identical passport photos;
  3. documentary proof of your Canadian citizenship;
  4. documentary proof supporting your identity; and
  5. a Statutory Declaration concerning a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible Canadian Passport.
Our Notaries Public can administer the statutory declaration needed to complete your passport application. 
For more information on what to do if your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged, please see the Passport Canada website.
Price $35.
Preparing for your Appointment
Please prepare and bring the following to your appointment:
  • the applicable Statutory Declaration (make sure that it is not signed);
  • your passport photos (if applicable);
  • the documents supporting your identity - both originals and copies (if applicable); &
  • a valid piece of photo identification.
For the Passport Application Without an Eligible Guarantor (Package Deal)
For notarization of a Statutory Declaration for a lost passport
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(Lost, stolen or damaged passports) 
Legal Notice
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